our products

In addition to TechSeal’s product line, we also provide the following for small and large businesses:

  • private label services
  • urethane processing
  • new product development
  • large capacity mixer/reactor
  • vacuum mixing
  • scale up or small runs
  • hydraulic press
  • packaging equipment

Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane
TechSeal waterproofing membrane is a black, single component cold applied urethane that can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces. LG-1000 is tack free in 12-18 hours and fully cured in 2-4 days. It cures to a rubbery membrane with excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces and is impervious to moisture. The cured membrane has expansion and contraction characteristics that make it an outstanding above or below grade waterproofing system.

Urethane pedestrian and vehicular deck coating system